Venice, Italy is a city like no other… Glide down the Grand Canal in a gondola as you take in the beauty of The Floating City or have the time of your life getting lost, wandering through the squares, cafes, shops and bridges that connect this beautiful city.

Venice truly is a wonder to behold and an absolute MUST see destination for anyone traveling to Europe.

Here are a few of our favorite spots in Venice that we highly recommend checking out…

Le porte dell’arte sono aperte at the Guggenheim Venice.  (The doors of art are open). When we visited, we had the chance to add our hopes and dreams to Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree. You’ll take in fascinating exhibits from visionary artists.

Just do not sit down at the table in the dining room (I’m looking at you, Scott)!! Because, it is a piece of art!

We got lost exploring the magical town squares and eventually stumbled across one of our favorite restaurants in all of Venice… Osteria La Zucca. We enjoyed a gourmet meal, which was so good, we came back a second time!

After that, just wander through the streets and you might find that you get serenaded by local musicians as you dance under the moonlight :)

We stayed at Baglioni’s Hotel Luna and fell in love with it the second we walked into the lobby. It’s so exquisite and luxurious, with a perfectly experience Venetian touch.

The service is first-class, the staff is warm and welcoming and the food is divine. We highly recommend a stay at this gorgeous hotel!

Plus, you are steps away from the epicentre of Piazza San Marco which contains St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. Enjoy coffee or cocktails at Caffe Florian, the “Cheers” of Venice, since 1720.

Don an elaborate traditional mask and your finest attire, as you step into the fairy-tale that is the Carnevale di Venezia. You’ll be the belle of the Ball, as you experience Italy’s biggest and most dramatic event of the year that draws partygoers from across the globe. 

Life is but a dream in Venice, the floating city… If you are planning a visit to Europe, Venice should be at the top of your list.